I am a Suicide

let's start from HERE my friend * the work is over *

i've broken all the lampbulbs in my house * torn apart the shades * destroyed the candles by melting the wax * iced over the sun into a snowball * hacked through the walls * cracked all the locks * pulled out all the overloaded wires * burnt the toaster on the parrafin stove * i boiled all the oil down * evaporated the water supply * watched the fish die in their fishtanks * poisoned the dog cause he kept incessantly barking * i was so fed up * my chainsaw calmed me down * i took it to the furniture * split the bed down the middle * gouged out the down in the pillows with my rusty trusty hunting knife * swung the sledgehammer through the porcelain sink * whacked the hell out of my thumb * i ripped all those expensive dresses you bought * dear * they made you look obese * the colours didn't match * i burned all your bras & panties * they didn't make you arousing at night when you danced in front of me * that stopped long ago * i stuffed the garborator with all the food * it was rotting * all tasted the same anyway * i graffitied the place * the whole lot * i flushed everything i could down the toilet * listened to the gurggling drain that keeps clogging up * i pulled a gun on the unsuspecting tv * pow * it wasn't telling me anything i didn't already know * think i got some dynamite somewhere too * it all just has to go * nothing works anymore * my coffee maker * god i love that mr coffee * all broken * everything * all those dang modern convenience appliances * my behind the bedroom closet baseball bat fixed em up * the one i kept just for prowlers in the night * the white noise on the radio got turned off * permanently * smashed the hell out of it * now maybe the voices ul go away * i threw all the books out the windows * hell * i even threw the windows out of the windows * nothin sounds so good as the breaking of glass * i put on my cowboy boots * the real John Wayne type * and kicked the cat around * squished a couple a cockroaches * singed a couple a spiders with my zippo * lit up a cigarette * waited for the bulldozer i ordered * you shoulda been there * it was beautiful * really beautiful *

i dug up the tile * trenched through the floorboards * i'm goin as deep as i can *