The Measure of a Man

Take what you think of this place
What you thought of this ONE
I've a perpendicular question
Nothing fits anymore this face
What's balanced, what dry eye fathoms
Merely Man, unlevel, disheveled, this devil
Merely macho, I've more than you I'm afraid
What dues I've dealt are due in full, I've paid
Play all your silly songs, your notions are wrong
I've measured through inches, squared the miles
I've become reconciled.
At the end, the edge, or the bend
At the skirt on the road's shoulder
I've balanced, chequed & boldered.
Leave the forest to the trees, I've looked beyond the leaves
I've seen beyond the old man, the flume
I've exhumed all the postures & buried all my tombs.
I've knelt, lied, stole, hand on shoulder
& felt colder for it, no more my friend
I've measured in inches the Man
I've pondered, weighed the pros & cons
convicted, lesser men than me have won
but what, empty their balance is in the
chequebook of their lives, lies, they cheated
& unseated their ethically moral whys?